Where you know you're always welcome,
Where the heart warms to the guest,
Where the weather is always mild
And the handclasp stands the test
That's Beach Haven;
Home of St. Rita

Where the air is full of vigor,
Where the appetite is keen,
Where the beach is always safest
And the deep blue skies are seen
That's Beach Haven;
Home of St. Rita

Where the breeze is always cooler,
Where the sand and water meet,
Where the hike along the water
Brings the red into your cheeks
That's Beach Haven;
Home of St. Rita

  Beach Haven is located at the Southern End of a famous Island on the New Jersey Coast. This island has always been known as Long Beach, and parallels the coast for 17 miles, with 6 miles of bay between it and the mainland. This water is known as Little Egg Harbor Bay.   Long Beach Island and environs, located midway down the Jersey seacoast, represents some of the oldest, and yet in many ways, most virgin territory in the whole of the American republic.   Years before the white man arrived, the seasonal character of this coastline was set, with Lenni-Lenape Indians making a yearly journey to these waters for a summer of clamming and fishing. These were the first "vacation people" on Long Beach Island.   During the early nineteenth century, stagecoaches ran east to the sea from Philadelphia, as many as three a week, and enterprising locals were on hand to ferry holiday-makers over to the proliferating hotels, and rooming houses on Long Beach Island. The area was on it's way to becoming well-known through-out the east for its bathing and boating, and in the fall, "gunning".   The hallmark for Long Beach Island, Barnegat Light, was erected in 1858 to warn ships of this hazardous section of the Atlantic Coast. It was needed; between 1838 and 1878, some 125 ships foundered along the central Jersey Coast.   Whaling was also carried out from these shores. Though sport fishing was, and still is, one of the main attractions here, there was also a flourishing commercial fishing industry on the island up until World War II. "Pound boats" took in excess of 10,000,000 pounds of fish from offshore waters until technology and the clock caught up with the industry causing it to fold after the war.   The future is uncertain these days, and especially so for this eastward bit of America which has for so long presented a brave face to the sea. One can only trust Long Beach Island will endure, where the quiet of coming together of earth, water, and sky persuades man to still himself long enough to listen to its silences.

  An Island landmark is the St. Rita Hotel on Engleside Avenue, in Beach Haven. Today St. Rita is the oldest operating hotel on Long Beach Island and one of the few "Grand Hotels" (hotels 100 years old or older) left standing in the state of New Jersey.

Marie Coates, Innkeeper

St. Rita Hotel
127 Engleside Avenue
Beach Haven, NJ 08008
Phone: (609) 492-9192 or (609) 492-1704
Web Site: www.stritahotel.com
Email: stritainnj@aol.com

Please make all reservations by telephone. We do not accept reservations by email or internet.

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